Real Estate

Like most people who get started in photography, I had a fascination with architecture. Over the years, I polished my techniques in lighting with weddings and portraits. When I decided to try doing a little real estate photography, it was fun and natural. Each image that you see is actually 5 images, taken at different exposures to cover a wider dynamic range of light and shadow. What does that mean? The resulting images are sharp and everything appears to be naturally lit. Some people call it HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The exteriors and interiors in this gallery were taken for a large home building company. I’m available for local real estate assignments on a limited basis.

If you are a home builder, or real estate agent, and you are currently using iphone pictures for your MLS Real Estate listings, I hope you’ll compare my photographs and you’ll begin to see why visually striking photographs in websites and advertising get sales. If your website isn’t making people say “WOW”, call me and let Spears Photography give your Real Estate Homes the Wow Factor.