There is nothing more precious to me, than playing with kids, and making portraits. The thing I always tell parents about setting up portrait sessions with their kids,

“They will not stay this size for very long.”

They grow up so fast. You’ve heard it before, but it is a universal truth. I bought my first camera to take pictures of my son when he was a baby back in 1984. It was a Minolta 35mm film camera. I didn’t even know anything about cameras. Over the years I got a lot better at using the camera. But not a day goes by that I don’t regret not taking more pictures of him. It seemed like one minute he was five years old, and then the next minute he was 15. I hardly have any pictures of him in that time frame. It’s very sad.

When I was a child, I remember once a year, my mother would dress up me and my brother Steve, and we would take a trip to the portrait studio. Those little mom and pop portrait studios don’t exist much these days. Since everyone has a cell phone with a camera, people think they don’t need portraits of their children anymore. I tend to disagree; and not just because I take pictures.

I hope you’ll consider booking a portrait session with your child.