Photograph of Richard Spears by Dani Diamond

Photograph by Dani Diamond

Hi, my name is Richard Spears and I’m a wedding photographer. I live in a suburb just north of San Antonio Texas with my wife Judi, my step-daughter Kelly, and my son Collin. We have assorted farm animals, and a cool dog named Harley. Strangely enough, My background is not in photography, but in law enforcement. I’ve been a street cop and crime scene analyst for the past 30 years.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer takes a picture of Harley

My dog Harley

My first camera was a Minolta 35mm SLR that I bought to take pictures of my son Ricky in 1984. I’m not entirely embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t any good. After buying film, taking a few dozen exposures and then waiting a week or so for the prints to come back from the lab only to find that most of them were under-exposed, was… depressing. By 2004 I bought my first digital camera. I found the joy of photography that I’d missed with film. I spent several years with my camera at motorcycle rallies hoping to be published in EASY RIDER magazine.

Eventually I found myself photographing weddings and realized how much I enjoy the controlled chaos of a wedding. I also enjoy doing portraits and real estate photography. I studied Photoshop and took classes for almost four years.

I’m a child of the 60’s who listens to an eclectic mix of classic rock & roll, and alternative music. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I’m either cooking BBQ or programming stuff on my computer.

My Second Shooter – Kelly Janetsky

San Antonio's youngest professional wedding photographer

Kelly Janetsky, the talented second shooter for R Spears Photography

Kelly is my step-daughter. She started out at weddings helping me with my equipment. Eventually, I put a camera in her hand and encouraged her to take pictures of the kids. Today, I have a lot of respect for her talent. Although she’s still in high school, I would put her work against some of the top wedding photographers in town. She has a good eye for composition, and she is great at posing. When you receive your album, it’s likely that almost half of the pictures will have been taken by Kelly.